Our Products Accessories

1 . Water Tank 500Ltr to 5000Ltr

Dual Pump Water Supply Schemes 1 HP solar submersible pump is fitted along with the existing hand pump in the bore well.The water is collected in the Triple Layered Water Tank 2000 / 5000 liters capacity HDPE storage tank capacity with ISI specifications. This is available in both black & white colour.
Capacity (LITRES)
500Lt - 5000Lt
500Lt - 5000Lt
500Lt - 5000Lt
500Lt - 5000Lt



The lightning arrester is used on solar power systems to protect the insulation and conductors of the system from the damaging effects of lightning. In-house manufacturing Lightning Arrester and Earthing Electrode for all type of solar projcts which include EARTHING ROD / EARTHING WIRE / INDUSTRIAL SALT / EARTHING COMPOUND / CONNECTING STRIP BOTH GI & COPPER.
  1. 16mm dia 400mm length made up Sail/Tata/Jindal rod
  2. Excellent conductivity
  3. Arrangements to fit easily in our structure
  4. Holes for cable/Gi flat out for earthing

3 . Foundation Bolt

In general the Foundation bolts are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to the concrete. The connection is made by an assembling of different components such as: anchor bolts, steel plates, stiffeners. The Foundation Anchor bolts transfer different types of load: tension forces and shear forces.
  1. 16mm thick GI Rod 4inch thread 3inch bend made up Tata/Sail/Jindal brand
  2. 30inch length with 2 nuts and washer
  3. 36inch with 20mm GI 

4 . Water Chamber

1. 150mm dai eaisy to fit for dual pump purpose

2. Eaisily fit to existing old tubewells

3. Dual path for pump outlet and cable outlet

4. Hotdip galvanized made up Apolo/TATA/Jindal/Sail/Bhusan pipes

5 . Stand-post / Water Tap Stand

We at Shree Solar having In-house manufacturing of Standpost or Tapstand used for distributing water from one or more taps to many users. Most of the time it is procured combined with drinking water structures which are used with dual pump solar drinking water projects to provide service connection in the supplying water pipeline. This is very much useful for small villages which are not connected with electricity to provide a stand alone drinking water solution for small villages.
  1. Galvanized Iron 4way/2way/1 way
  2. 100mm * 100mm sq Pipe - 1200mm height
  3. 12mm tap oulet for tap Fitting and 25mm inlet
  4. Made up TATA/Apolo/Bhusan/Jindal pipes

6 . HDEP Pipe

We are supplying HDPE pipe of reputed brand like ASRIBAD / SUPRIME / Water Take / CRI / MAGNUM / Water JONE in both Solar pumping System & Irrigation.

  1. 32mm to 100mm
  2. PN 6 /  PN 8 /  PN 10
  3. SS NIpple

7 . Monorail / Spring Nut Bolt / End Clamp / Mid Clamp

  1. We supply all type Monorail structure for tin roof solar project
  2. Aluminium End clamp & Mid clamp used solar module installation
  3. SS Spring Nut & Bolts used to give strength to solar module installation
  4. BTYAL tape

8 . Cylinder

This Cylinder is used for Dual pump use in solar projects which allow both hand pump & submersible pumps to be installed in a same bore.

  1. All Kind of SS Cylinder
  2. CI Nute with Brass body Cylinder
  3. Fully Brass Cylinder
  4. Connecting Rod